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God, love, and life - pretty much sums it up.  He is, He is love, and He gives us life - literally and eternally - how amazing is that! We offer it all back to Him with thanksgiving and praise...
Mark 5:25-34
When we read this story, we knew what "Faith's Touch" meant; the woman reached out in pure faith, and Jesus responded to her touch -that's Who He is, it's what He does - He loves us that much! 

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New Release - "Could This Be the Day"

Seems to be on the minds of many these days, and if it's not... maybe it should be.  Yes, things are culminating, and even if you don't want to believe that, we all know we aren't guaranteed our next breath...  so we'll ask - "What if?" Are you ready?
Could This Be the Day 

From the CD "Could This Be the Day" - written, produced, and sung by Faith's Touch Music Ministry, Copyright 2013
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